In the world of beauty and fashion, the best stories are the ones that you have never heard.  The David and Goliath, rags to riches stories of brands which were developed with struggle and passion by people who risked it all to “make it.”

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Creative Couture brings a behind-the-scenes look at the people and the stories behind the brands we love – or perhaps would love, but have never heard of.

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Your brand has a unique message in this world of “me too” brands.  And you get to tell it.

The countdown has begun toward the launch of the much-anticipated television series, Creating Couture.  Take a behind-the-scenes look at the people who risked it all, and overcame much, to create the brands we love (or should).

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Join host, Susie Hassan, as she gives you an all-access pass to the stories behind the brands.  Learn about the struggles, and the passion, that drove these brands to entrepreneurial success, plus the why and how they did it.

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You could get to personally tell the story of your brand’s development and success.

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